2 Words That Wreck Havoc To Your Confidence

2 Words That Wreck Havoc To Your Confidence

Two words that wreck havoc to your confidence.

If you look it up on google it means;

‘Used to express a wish, especially regretfully’

Regretfully meaning a wish that you think won’t come true.

The issue/problem with ‘if only’, it refers to your past regrets.

So something in the present that you would like to change that you’ve accepted and allowed to happen.

Presently being something we find annoying or frustrating like your body, your shape, your spare tire and the lumps and bumps.

You see;

That is your possible problem right their my friends

‘If only I was slimmer I could wear that’

‘If only I was younger I could keep up with my kids

‘If only I had to slimmer body I could take my shirt off in the hot weather.

If only is used to talk about YOUR wants for something to happen.

So why hasn’t it happened yet?

Lack of action maybe?

Too much dreaming and wishing?

I’m going to spin this round in full circle and tell how to change your BELIEF and your REALITY by simply changing your words.

To one word actually.

If only, makes it sound like a wish that it CAN’T come true… BUT whatever you say AFTER you say ‘if only’ it makes you feel nice inside, right? Because it makes you imagine the THOUGHT but the thought rarely becomes your reality which is the problem.

There’s rarely any action taken towards your wish.

So rather than saying ‘if only’, repeatedly try focusing on thinking saying ‘When’.

Can you see much more POWERFUL that is?

WHEN can I get slim enough so I can fit into that dress?

WHEN can I get fit enough so I can go out and keep up with my kids?

WHEN can I get slim and toned enough to feel confident to take off my shirt?

Doesn’t that make you feel like you want to take action to achieve your wish/desires/goal?

It does for me without a signal doubt.

So start living IN THE moment and think WHEN instead of ‘if only’ and things may just start to change for you 😉

Big Love my friends!


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