3 Spring Tips To Burn Belly Fat – Part 1

3 Spring Tips To Burn Belly Fat – Part 1

It’s been warm enough to wear my shorts down the beach now, which means the long awaited summer is slowly creeping in.  One thing I have noticed is as I’ve got older the winters seem to take a lot longer to end!

Does that mean I’m getting old…? 😉

I moved out of my parent’s home in July 2012 and have really been enjoying living in town in my flat, third floor up and I get to see some cracking sun sets which I’ve really missed!










On a more uplifting note, I thought I would enlighten you just like a morning sunrise with some cool tips to drop some unwanted belly fat.

The stubborn jelly belly has caused so much frustration to so many people I speak to it is really starting to get to me for one reason. Can you guess what it is?

I get asked for advice and people rarely do anything with it because they want to find an ‘easier way’ which 99.99% of the time never works.

Ok they might lose weight doing other things but the jelly belly hasn’t left the building!

Right now our society is becoming more aware of the health hazards of eating processed meats, processed foods, and fruits and vegetable washed in pesticides and herbicides.

Tip 1 – Buy GRASS FED meat!!

Think of it this way. The companies that are in the get rich quick scheme do not care about the people that eat the meat that they have fed with a nice dose of grains, hormones, steroids, and antibiotics into the un-organic meat. This essentially fattens the cow up very quickly. Now picture yourself eating a nice steak from one of these?cows and now think about the hormones, steroids, antibiotics you are digesting. It all has the exact effect on you.

You've been warned ;-P

You’ve been warned ;-P

Cows aren’t meant to eat grains, it’s just not their natural diet. Grass fed meat always wins.

If you’re a lamb lover then eat up. Lamb is VERY low in calories and?loaded with protein and extremely heart healthy.

Tip 2 – Flush your porridge down the loo!!

Start eating eggs for breakfast daily. I can’t say enough good things about eggs. They are natures most perfect food and you can do some much with them. They are inexpensive and loaded with vitamins. They are also the best source of protein on the planet!

Now don’t be scared of the egg yolk myth. They are loaded with essential amino acids and vitamins and nutrients to help keep your eyes, brains and heart healthy. Chickens that roam free produce eggs that are higher in omega 3 fats and if you know me I love my fats because they are great and they have little effect on insulin. This is why they are great to have for breakfast because they have little effect on your blood sugar levels meaning you store less fat around the mid sections.

Tip 3 – Seasonal is the way forward!!

Right now you’ve got a number of cruciferous vegetables in season, one?of them being my all time favourite, the nutrition powerhouse, BROCCOLI, along with cauliflower and kale.

These 3 vegetables are phenomenal at a number of things, neutralizing carcinogens, helps prevent certain cancers and are great at detoxifying estrogens.  Xenoetrogens (bad estrogens) are in practically everything we come into contact with and the amazing compound called indol-3-carbinal in broccoli help with removal of these toxins out of the system helping with the reduction of body fat. You wouldn’t be doing a bad thing by eating 3-4 portions of broccoli, kale and cauliflower every week.

Best steam them so you don’t lose all the nutrients or even better you can add broccoli and kale in to your morning smoothies. Here’s the one I made this morning.

Head of broccoli, handful of Kale, one large banana, 1 tsp of almond butter and coconut milk till smooth to drink!

Head of broccoli, handful of Kale, one large banana, 1 tsp of almond butter and coconut milk till smooth to drink!

I’ve got loads more to come but thought I’d introduce you to 3 things every week, not to overwhelm you with too much to do.

And if you feel uneasy about applying these tips. Read my blog post from Tuesday

Part 2 coming up next week…

Stay tuned!

Jango ‘I love the smell of grass-fed beef in the morning’ Alptekin

PS I know this might be asking a lot but summer is here so you need to get your ass moving to get some results. For your next bit of homework I want you to really think about the next bite you have on a chocolate bar. I had one the other day, ONE single bite and I almost had the sweats from stopping myself from eating the rest of the bar.

PPS Determined not to set of my binging domino. You do the same. 



  1. Really cool post- I personally suffer with stubborn belly fat! I am also a massive fan of eggs and have recently ditched my daily porridge for two egg-white and one whole egg scrambled (or omelette) Hope this helps me build the ol’ 6-pack before summer!


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