3 Unconventional Tips To Boost Your Motivation

3 Unconventional Tips To Boost Your Motivation

If find this topic a tricky one to pin down and really advise on because what someone uses for motivation can push another person completely the opposite way.

For me, exercise is now a part of my life.

I do have my ups and down so to stay focussed.

Motivation for me and you should be values you hold close to your heart.

Things that stur up your emotion when you think about them.

Almost to the point where it makes you excited, emotional and urges you to move forward.

Values like being able to keep up with your kids and watch them grow up.

To feel confident and have high self-esteem so you can go out on the dating scene again.

To feel happy when you leave the house and not worry about what other might think

about your size.

To prove someone wrong and improve yourself as a person.

To get to your shagging weight…

…To name a few.

The problem I see all the time is people are led to believe there are quick fixes that will cure all the problems by popping a couple of pills and drinking meal replacement shakes.

It gives people false hope which makes the desperate chase something which will never be achievable in the time scale they wont… “Like now”

So the funds in your motivation bank account begins run low extremely, very quickly.

So how do you change this?

It’s simple.

Begin to understand how your body works.

We go into depth on exactly this on our body transformation program which you can learn more about here.

Once you do it will top up your account daily with motivation because you’ll know and understand exactly what to do to get closer and closer to what important you

Your core values… which wont be out of reach for you anymore.

It’s also your core values that will help you stay motivated on the days you want to give up and eat crap.

Values that make you get out of bed go to exercise early morning

Values that make you train even though you hate every second of it.

Values that make you say no to cake.

Values that make you plan your life around being healthy and not self sabotage.

Values that hold you to your goal and not lead you astray no matter how boring your weekends feel because that is what needs to be done!

If you want to it enough you will go out and do it, end off!

You just need to find your own reason for starting.

Jango ‘feeling wise’ Alptekin

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