Bournemouth Personal Trainer – Are You Taking Your Fish Oils?

Fish oils bring to the mind cod liver oil. Some people take these just through the winter and some all year round. Some don’t take them at all as they hate the fishy burps and the smell and taste after. Time to get over it because the benefits of these little things are huge for your health and fat loss.

When it come to getting fast, affective permanent results you want as much help as possible to get you the fast. Now we all know there no quick fix to fat loss but do the correct exercise at boot camp and eat the correct foods and take quality supplementation, then you can see pretty fast results!!

Fats in our diet is essential for losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet.  The benefits of fish oils are so so big you should be taking them every day anyway. Here’s a few I’ve listed below;

#1 – Eases Depression

#2 – Lowers Cholesterol

#3 – Lowers Triglyceride Levels

#4 – Reduces Inflammation In The Body

#5 – Eliminates Joint Pain

#6 – Improves Your Skin

#7 – Promotes Weight Loss

#9 – Improves Brain Function In Babies

#10 – Increases Your Focus

#11 – Reduces Post-Partum Depression

#12 – Improves Vision

And the list goes on…

So take your fish oil capsules. You are already? Great! (although you are probably not taking enough) If you are not taking any get your butt to Holland & Barrots and get some. Get the “enteric coated” ones to avoid nasty fish burps. Fish oil (among the hundreds of other benefits) can increase your metabolism by 400 calories per day. Aim for 5?6g of EPA/DHA per day.

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  1. Beth Atkinson says:

    Hi Jango,

    I am taking your advice and getting some fish oil supplements but there is so much to choose from and there is an error in your blog above. It says aim for 5?6g per day…?

    On the H&B website there is an Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength supplement which has 950mg of active EPA/DHA… is that good enough?


  2. Hi Jango,
    Just wondered whether eating normal fish rather than supplements had the same benefits. I eat fish about 3-4 times per week. Is that okay?

  3. Hey there Beth, the Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength supplement will do great! 🙂

    Also no the blog had no error 😛 I really do mean take 5 to 6 grams of EPA/DHA a day. Combined with moderate aerobic exercise it really will aid your weight loss.

    Alicia keep eating your fish and keep taking your fish oils too. 🙂

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