Bournemouth Personal Trainer – Fat Loss Success Story


I hope you’re having a great week.

I’ve had a manic few days. I went to Bath this weekend just gone for one of Phil Richards Nutrition workshops to learn about health and fat loss. I had a lot of a-ha moments watching his presentation over the two days and a few jaw dropping moments from the shock of his great content.

I’ll be learning and practicing everything from the weekend and deliver it to you VERY soon.

Now I know quite a lot of you have been waiting to watch the next episode of my interview with Sue Heightley.

A woman with 3 kids, and 3 different jobs. She has truly made no excuses to achieve her goals!

Not bad don’t you think??

Take the corrects steps, get out your comfort zone and never give up what you truly want in life!



  1. louise sandever says:

    I can totally relate to Sue have always done Rosemary Conley and have a big issue with what i weigh,seeing what Sue has said has given me hope ! Will keep going in my Jango journey and look forward to next 6 months .

  2. Where’s episode 1 please?

  3. Susanne Pout says:

    What a great interview, Sue’s determination is truly commendable. My biggest personal battle is finding the time and motivation to exercise, it wasn’t until I discovered the BeachBody DVDs at that I really started to enjoy exercising. I agree with Louise that Sue has given me hope that I will start to see results over the coming months.

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