Bournemouth Personal Trainer

About your Bournemouth Personal Trainer…

I promise I won’t disappoint! My story… 

‘From foreigner, to selling kebabs, joining the fitness industry then becoming a Bournemouth Personal Trainer‘ 

When I first moved to the UK I had no real interest in fitness and sport. But I was 10 years old at the time so no wonder. Born in Germany, raised in Turkey. My dad being the Turkish side and my mum being English, my parents decided to move back to England. So my sporting lifestyle began as a kid at Bournemouth swimming club. I became quite competitive through my teens, going all out and winning a fair few medals and trophies. This went on through secondary school till I was about 16.

In the end I left school with 2 C’s, 2 D’s 1 F, 1 E, and a U. Impressive right??

I wasn’t the best at learning back then, especially when I hated every second of it so why would I enjoy doing it?


When I started college it all went slowly downhill. Leaving school as most young kids do, I had ZERO idea about what I truly wanted to do. So I signed up for a sports course as that was the only thing I was actually ok at. I discovered parties, late nights and fast paced life which involved doing as little as possible.

As most teenagers the time came when I wanted a car but with no money and my parents not prepared to help with my driving lessons, I had to go out and get a job. So I applied for a job in a place where I felt most comfortable. I applied to work at a kebab house. Selling kebabs, fried chicken, chips, burgers, pizzas and eating them DAILY for 2 years solid!

I gained first hand experience of what it felt like to eat like a pig and feel like one. Within those two years my fitness levels dropped, my belly grew and my passion for fitness drifted in to the clouds until my last days of college!

The honest truth is that I had no idea what I really wanted to do when I finished college. I’m the kind of person that goes with the flow and does what feels right. On my last day of college, saying goodbye to my class mates and getting my final results we all got handed a piece of paper with loads of different jobs we could apply for.

I scrolled through the paper and as I did so I saw Bournemouth Personal Trainer as a job option and something clicked in my head!

I wanted to become a Bournemouth personal trainer

Bournemouth Personal Training

I felt stupid for not even thinking about it in the first place. I grew up playing and loving sport in my teens so why not follow that through into a career that would change my life and those of others around me!

Fast forwarding a couple of years, by this point I had worked in pretty much every gym in Bournemouth. Full time and part time gym work, teaching classes and working with my 1 to 1 clients as a Bournemouth personal trainer.

As my experience and knowledge grew I noticed a massive gap in Bournemouth with people joining gyms, spending their hard earned cash on memberships but making very slow and steady progress, if at all!

Bournemouth’s gyms, other bournemouth boot camp’s, slimming clubs, and diets lacked the results!

Taking this into consideration I officially launched Bournemouth’s first Bournemouth Personal Training blog where you can get Bournemouth’s best weight loss tips and strategies!

Bournemouth Boot Camp

PLUS I launched Bournemouth’s first RISK FREE way to get healthier, sexier and leaner body WITHOUT ever setting foot into a gym or doing another sit up ever again!

Bournemouth boot camp is your number 1 body transformation service for busy women who are desperate for more energy, a sexier, stronger body and I guarantee they will have fun doing it!

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