Demand More Of Yourself | Bournemouth Personal Trainer

Demand More Of Yourself | Bournemouth Personal Trainer

Right, now some of you are frustrated and struggling to get the results you need and want and are trying to battle the demons in your head. Trying to overcome the dieting frustrations, starting a new diet and falling off the wagon… and you want to overcome that, you want to break free and you want an end result.

Here’s what I need you to do, right now.

I want you to start demanding a higher standard and expectation of yourself!!

Some of you are afraid to take action, incase you endure pain, hurt or failure and you except mediocrity in your life, you accept the small steps and you accept being where you are right now.

You have this story you tell yourself, you believe you cant break through, you can’t do XYZ, you’re too old, too over weight, too out of shape, you’ll never be able to get slim, you’ll never be able to get down the jean size or you will never feel confident because you are just too far gone.

I call bull shit on that.

If you believe that story right now, if you buy into this story you are telling yourself then I guarantee the level of life is diminished by that belief system that you have of that story.

In reality, if you really ask yourself, are you too unfit? are you too old? Are you worthless? Do you deserve to feel good? or are you just making excuses? – they’re all barrier’s which will prevent you from moving forward.

Are you actually buying into this story? You know that dieting is hard work, you know that training is hard work, you know that planning is hard, you know that you are going to endure some pain along the way, you are going to slip up, trip up and fall off the wagon, whatever you like to call it… you are going to endure some hurt, pain or misery.

There are times when you step on the scales and those scales aren’t going to say what you want them to say but do you have the passion the desire and the courage to continue to push forward and to continually move forward?

That’s why most people accept mediocrity in their life because they are not willing to endure that pain.

Let me ask you this – would you be prepared to train 3 – 5 times a week and eat healthy every day of the week, yet at the end of the year see no results?

So many I speak to on a regular basis think they can turn their life around in 3, 14 ,30 days and yet they forget the 5, 10, 15 years of abuse they’ve done to their body.

If you give 12 months of your life and embrace it in everything that is necessary you will absolutely see a shift in your life… but you have to endure that pain to go through it.

Ultimately, if you are unprepared to do what it takes to get where you want to be, then you will continually give up, 3 6, 7, 15, 20 days down the line.

The answer isn’t on the next new detox which (some) are ill effective and dangerous, or some new diet, or another boot camp, or a PT, just because of the hope that maybe it will get you to where you want to be.

I’m telling you right now, devoting 12 months of your life, to training right, eating right and thinking right will transform your life. No half measures.

Look, you don’t attract things into your life which you desire, you attract the things into your life which you DO, YOUR behaviours!

So if you keep thinking, Im ganna be in this shape, I’m ganna be in this shape, I’m ganna be in this shape, and then behave like someone who is out of shape. Behave like someone who thinks negative, like someone who drinks every night, like someone who eats shit at the weekend and behave like someone who doesn’t plan… is that the person that is in shape? or is that the person that’s out of shape?

So when you start believing in yourself, when you start making a shift and stop subscribing to the excuses and BS that you keep saying to yourself…

If you are willing to stop telling yourself that story, if you are willing to take the steps to what is necessary…

To master your body.

To master your mind.

To master your food.

So that in 12 months time you’ve seen the shift you’ve made towards positivity, see the shift that you’ve made towards your body, spending more time with your children, more engaged with more energy, socialising without being distant and anxious because you demand such higher expectations of yourself.

You’re demanding an expectation of yourself that will make other people feel uncomfortable.

Maybe this sounds a bit like ‘yeah whatever jango’ but it can be done, you’ve just got to believe in yourself.

Maybe after reading this you’re trying to reach out and if this speaks the msg that you are trying to experience in yourself right now but don’t know how.

I want to help you move forward, away from the pain and move you closer to the way you want to feel…

But I need your full commitment to talk and be open, with intensity passion and purpose.

So who’s with me??


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