Fitness Boot Camp Bournemouth – Every Loser Wins

Fitness Boot Camp Bournemouth – Every Loser Wins

Around this time last year I had a massive urge to do something BIG and different!

And that was to run something for people from an inactive background, with little fitness and nutrition knowledge, to help them transform their lives in 12 weeks for FREE, in return for a little fundraising!  J

So Every Loser Wins was born!









Now this wasn’t just any contest, it was a contest for people with a ‘couch potato’ lifestyle.

From the applicants, we picked 10 people to join the challenge to compete against each other to win the prizes for coming in 1st 2nd or 3rd. It got pretty intense the last few weeks as all members were so driven 😉

The reason I picked the name for the challenge was quite simple. At the end of the contest even if you did not win the actual contest, what they achieved in those 12 weeks was FAR more valuable than ANY prize.

They all lost 20 – 35 lbs of body fat in 12 weeks

Their body shape completely changed.

Their self-esteem and confidence was through the roof.

They were happy to look in the mirror and be proud of what they had achieved!

It was so successful last time round I have decided to run the contest again.

The program is aimed at SUPER FAST fat loss and a MASSIVE improvement in health and energy and it will involve some things that are a little ‘different’. It’s scientifically sound, although it’s not used by the masses. Personally, I’ve used them on myself and I’m ‘peeing’ energy right now and dropping fat faster than ever.

It will involve 3 months of exercise, advanced nutrition guidance and boatloads of motivation from myself Aidan and Tanya

We’re looking for 10 people to do the program, for FREE, (You’ll be SPONSORED by us)

The 10 selected people will be put through my jargon free fat loss formula program and will be told EVERYTHING they need to drop multiple clothes sizes in 12 weeks

There’ll be unlimited veg and fruit, lots of fresh fish and lots of water involved and you’ll only be giving us 45 mins exercise a day- hardly extreme right?

So here’s what we’re looking for in our ‘guinea pigs’….

We’re after both men and women who are SERIOUSLY SERIOUS about making BIG CHANGES to their bodies and health over the next 12 weeks

We’re after people who will COMMIT FULLY to the program, follow EVERY SINGLE piece of my advice TO THE LETTER and COMPLETE the program, rather than going in a ‘sort of, kind of’ way and then dropping out before we’re done.

We’re looking at people who are able, DEFINITELY able to blog DAILY (both written AND video) about their fat loss journey and how they’re feeling and also let me use before and after photos as ’evidence’ after we’re done getting you in AMAZING shape.

We’re looking for people who are sick and tired of the way they look and feel and are DESPERATE to MAKE A CHANGE.

You’ll also need to be able to commit to attending 3x sessions a week at either our Rossmore, Boscombe Pier, Muscliff  or Ferndown Fitness Camps.

You’ll need to raise a minimum of £300 in sponsorship which will be donated to Julia’s House.

If you’re one of these people then you MAY qualify for one of our 10 places, training at all locations.

That’s it!

If you want in and you’re SERIOUS then leave your message in the comments area below.

Prove to us WHY it should be you and we’ll prove to you that you CAN get in amazing shape in a short amount of time!


On the left as me, in middle was the winner of ELW 2011 losing 35 lbs in 3 months and on the right is sponsor Nat West business manager Simon handing over the prize.

This year target will be to raise £3000 +




  1. debbie jones says:

    hi its debbie, danni,s friend from work i would like to join every loser wins as i would like to lose weight and get fit aswell to improve my quality of life at present i do not know how much i weigh but wear a size 26 or 28 depending on shop i used to go to the gym but need motivation to get me started again and i will have Danni to support me whilst at work please get back to me thanks Debbie

  2. I would like to take part to improve my health and regain my fitness to chase around after my young son. Also to improve my self confidence and being a reasonable weight to have another baby in the future. I need to motivation because i love feeling fit! Thanks x

  3. Hi Jango
    I have 3 or 4 stone to lose and would love to join the Club please!

  4. ms bailey says:

    Hey, i have 5 stone too lose, but its hard as i have pcos.and am.also.asthmatic! i hate being the way i am at the moment, and neex to make some changes, but i just havnt got the.motivation this! 🙁

  5. Heidi McDonald says:

    Ever Loser Wins is just what i need ! Having reaching my all time heaviest of 15stone and at only 5 ft 4 i overweight, un fit and as far from me as i want to be. I would love the opportunity to have the support and guidance that would enable me to get healthy, fit and slim. I would be fully committed, to gaining a whole new me and losing the fat person who is missing out on life.

  6. Hi Jango, I have struggled with weight loss in the past and have just started a health kick however I do not have the knowledge to know if I’m eating the right foods and I don’t have the money to join a gym. I’m in desperate need of education and motivation and in return I will raise at least £300 for Julia’s house and help you in any way I can with blogging etc. Please get back to me, I promise I will try my hardest to lose weight and fat!!

  7. Hi I currently weigh 13stone 12lb I have always struggled wiv my weight but this year it has been worse as I fell in January been signed off sick from work since n feel myself gettin bigger n bigger I have problems wiv my knees so exercise can be difficult but am willing to try with help please help me get to the person I use to be. Thank you

  8. CAROLE WILCOX says:

    Hi Jango, my weight has been steadily going up over the past 4-5 year I reach the BIG 60 end of next year and I don’t want to be 15st plus for that. My life at the moment consists of sleep work sit on sofa telly sleep work etc etc. I need to get out of the rut and challenge myself. I am prepared to raise the money required for Julia’s house . Need lessons in the blog and video area. Please consider me !!!!!.

  9. sandra says:

    hi thankyou for email im desparte to get fit i just got over a bout off depression as i was not happy with my self and i got my daughters wedding soon im looking for the motivation and willing to be be put through the sweat and most of determination i am willingto help any any charity of your choice xx

  10. Hey everyone, thank you all for posting why you want to be a part of the challenge.
    I would be happy for all of you to take part so please can you email me at and ill send over the agreement form for you to look at to finalise everything before we launch on the 21st of May!

    Very excited for you all!
    Chat very soon

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