Here’s Why It’s So Hard To Eat Right

Here’s Why It’s So Hard To Eat Right

Almost daily I speak to clients and they tell me how well their training is going but when I ask them about what they’ve eaten for the the day… awkward silence.

As a coach it’s hard ignore your clients telling you how they want to lose their gut or their wobbly bingo wings so why is it so much easier to train then it is to eat right??

First off – training is easy and can be quite fun once you’ve gone through the first one or two weeks because you only have to do it 3 to 5 times a week and that means you’ve only got to make 3 to 5 decisions a week about going to the gym to train.

Outside of the that you’ve got an army of distractions that take your focus of your goals and lead you on a course that most likely ends up with you eating something that isn’t goal aligned and ‘sabotage’ your results.

Unlike eating, training can become a part of your week and something you do that becomes second nature, planned and based on routine.

And every time you go to a the gym you get that feel good feeling when them ‘dolphins’ are jumping around in your head – thats the reward you get for going to the gym and training.

And that is how good habits are formed.

But when food comes in to the equation that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Let’s think about this the same way as the gym.

You probably make around 3 to 7 decision about food, what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat is it the right things to eat, will it make me fatter, will it help get slimmer. You’ve got shed load of decision to make each week which means that a lot of possible mistakes.

You could be making well over 100 food decision PER DAY. Conscious and unconscious decisions.

“Shall I have that donut that’s been talking to me the last half hour”

We are hammered with food ads, promos, social influences where we go. Each episode slowly kills out willpower and makes it very hard to say no or cave in.

So to conclude my mad ramblings – the more decision you have to make during the day the less likely to not eat well. UNLESS you have safety measures in place.

Something like the meal plans we provide, pre-prepped food you make or a cafe that you know cooks a decent meal that’s goal aligned.

You can lose fat, have boundless energy without having to live off of chicken and broccoli you.

You just need your own personal fat loss Satnav: You’ll have me guide you through the 28 days to keep on route. I’ll guide you through ‘traffic’ and if you get lost I’ll be there to get you back on the fastest way to your destination.

So the most important lesson to remember here is to be mindful, aware of your triggers and habits.


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