Kill The Fire And Drop Belly Fat – Part 4

Kill The Fire And Drop Belly Fat – Part 4

Hey, it’s been a while since my last blog post … it’s been a manic two weeks with our Taster Week and the 6 Week Body Transformation launch, so I’m sorry for the delay 😉

If you missed the first 3 parts of the belly fat burning series read them first before you start reading this blog post.

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So far, I’ve only scraped the surface of a few different topics to help you burn some unwanted belly fat.

The questions is, have you started applying any of the tips?

If not, why not??

I can guarantee you will not find information like this anywhere in the Bournemouth area, and all for FREE!

I must be mad right, to give out information that I have people pay me good money for?

To be honest this is just the tip of the iceberg, our members get the whole package, in depth support, community and education that teaches them the WHY behind what we do that gets them phenomenal results!


Right now you could be struggling to drop belly fat due to inflammation. To explain it in simple terms, imagine a fire and you pour petrol over it which increases the size of the fire. Now take the petrol away you reduce the size of the fire.

What you put into your body plays a VITAL role in either reducing that fire or increasing it!

I want you to get your head around the fact that you could have some kind of some inflammation in your body.

Hidden inflammation is the main root problem for a lot of disease such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, auto-immune disease, asthma and digestive disorders

If your immune system cannot balance the inflammation and the anti-inflammatory forces in your body then things can go horribly wrong.

Remember the last time you had a sore throat, infection, snotty nose, rash, dodgy knee or ankle?

Well that’s inflammation. It’s your bodies normal defence systems to infection and trauma.

NOTE: You don’t have to be overweight to have inflammation!

Whenever you are creating inflammation your body has to protect itself from that inflammation (the flames) so it becomes very hard to burn fat. Same as when you drink alcohol, you burn ZERO fat because your liver has to detoxify the alcohol.

So that glass of wine after work does have a major impact on your waist line and figure!

Saturday night out binge drinking will make it VERY difficult to drop body fat and WILL slow down your progress.

It’s hard for your body to burn fat when your body is in a stressed state. This is becoming the number one reason for weight loss plateaus and stubborn belly fat which people struggle to shift.

The two together, inflammation and stress, (more on this later) make it VERY difficult for you to put on muscle to BURN fat and VERY easy to put on fat around the areas you hate most!

To help you move forward with dropping unwanted belly fat. You really need to consider what goes into your mouth, the hours of your sleep which will help you manage stress and your hormones, lastly what you excrete.

Bournemouth Personal Trainer Carb Coma

Nothing worse than a CARB COMA mid afternoon!

Munching away on sugary foods, fried food, carbs, processed, coffee isn’t going to help inflammation, also meal timing can impact inflammation.

To help, start by having a salad a day, so RAW food is KEY!

Raw Food Boot Camp Bournemouth

Is the way forward! Veg, Fruit, Nuts and Healthy Fats

They are both VERY powerful antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antiviral.

Worth knowing

Raw onions and garlic are both hypo-glycemic and have a hypotensive affect which mean they both lower your blood sugar and blood pressure. Both together are a useful addition to your weight loss toolbox!

Try eating both before bed and let me know how well you sleep 😉

Here’s a tasty recipe I have regularly which has garlic in:

Let me know if you like the Jajik!

Chat soon




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