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Here you can find out when Jango is Speaking next to join a live session so you can ask your weight loss questions.

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How They Did It

Dates to be confirmed 

This event will be so unique, it will blow you away with inspiration and encourage you to take action on your own goals and desires.  Jango will be holding a seminar which will be open to NO MORE than 60 people, during which he will interview three of his personal clients, discussing their fears, frustrations and the obstacles that they faced to achieve the body they have now.  Jango will also have the legendary Becki Houlston in on the action to help you overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

Injury Prevention Workshop With Amanda Burger

Dates to be confirmed

Amanda from Intulo Health and myself will talk you through injury prevention, why we get injuries, how to sort out your biomechanics in order to exercise properly and finally how to improve posture for better movement and stability