My girlfriend told me to get fat

My girlfriend told me to get fat

How sweet of her to be so honest and genuine.

Before I tell you the real reason why she told me to pack on the pounds, I want to tell you about my childhood.

I am actually part foreign. I was originally born in Germany but have no German relatives, I moved to the UK for a few months and then ended up living in Turkey for most of childhood.

I was raised in Istanbul and I lived on the 3rd floor of a building with my nan and granddad on the 1st floor, and my cousin, auntie and uncle were literally next door to us on the 3rd floor also, so under all under one roof.

Everyone knew each other’s business and wanted to stick their noses in to any gossip that was going around.

The whole culture and lifestyle in Turkey is on a whole other level when compared to the Brits.

It consisted of Mediterranean food, sun all summer and snow throughout the winter, lots of cars, loud horns, people in a constant hurry and roads so dangerous I wouldn’t even think about riding my bike on them.

Think of London but with even more people, more cars, more traffic and TONNES of fascinating history and culture. Absolutely love the place!

People are friendly, welcoming and their always something to do.

The curriculum for grades is on another levels. If you have any hope of passing your exams you have to go to weekend school to study more so you are prepared… unless you’re a guineas that is!

Can you believe it, I was actually living when the cane was allowed to be used on kids in Turkey!! I can remember every hit I had.

In fact, I can remember a lot of my childhood in Turkey but not a lot of the school years from 6 to 11. It was pretty rubbish to be honest, so I think I made myself forget a lot of it. I remember the day I fell off a wall and almost bit my whole tongue clean off and the day when I found out I was going to be circumcised in puplic! YES you read correct…

This isn't me but it's VERY similar to what I had to wear on the day.

This isn’t me but it’s VERY similar to what I had to wear on the day.

That’s a mind blowing story for another blog post!

As you probably know, Turkey is a muslim country so I grew up in a muslim family. My dad prayed 5 times a day and he still does now 14 years later.

We weren’t a wealthy family, in fact quite the opposite. My mum worked her ass off working two jobs.

1. In the factory, in the textile industry with the family.
2. As a textiles professional at home, dress making, clothe alterations etc…

This was to put food on the table and to buy myself and my sister the things we needed.

Our diet as children was pretty good when compared to the average diet in the UK.

Turkey is BIG on their carbs, the main reason why the people are getting bigger and bigger. I used to pop down stairs in the mornings and buy freshly baked bread from the shop on my block of flats.

Can remember it like it was yesterday ?

The Mediterranean diet consists of a lot of carbs, such as pasta, rice, potatoes and bread was always an added ingredient with most meals.

If bread wasn’t on the table NO ONE was satisfied. It was like the missing link to feeling full and satisfied when finishing a meal.

The one thing you can trust when you go to this wonderful country is the quality. Although it is a very carby and fatty based diet, it’s always cooked from scratch, with fresh ingredients that add an amazing flavour which the UK doesn’t have.

This is probably one of the reasons why so many Britz are going to Turkey for holidays. PLUS due to it being so cheap and hot most of the year.

When I was unwell I can remember drinking lemon and honey as medicine to help me recover.

I didn’t have any set sports I used to play. Didn’t own any games consoles, so most of my time was spent playing outside, picking worms from the mud when it rained… and riding my bike.

I had a fair bit of puppy fat but that’s normal I guess being a kid??


My relationship with food and my feelings about food, were and still are very different to someone that had grown up in the UK, due to not having the wide range of convenience and lots of naughty foods.

So, over all I was looked after, ate good food, played A LOT and had a few traumatic experiences that have made me the ‘normal’ human being I am today.

We moved to the UK in 1999 for a number of reasons and my teenage years of sport kicked off. I started swimming and actually got pretty good at it at one point and went on to win several different medals and trophies. I quickly lost any puppy fat I had and became a pretty skinny lean lad.

So I’ve never had the struggles of being over weight. I have never really been in the shoes of someone that is de-motivated, who has never found it difficult to lose weight, has never found it difficult to avoid junk food, carbs or sweets, which is still prominent in my day to day life now.

To tell you the truth, the idea of myself gaining weight is quite daunting and unnerving.

My passion is to help people bring out the best in themselves and to teach them about creating a lifestyle for lifelong changes and results, so myself doing the opposite, when I follow these rules everyday, goes totally against my beliefs and the lifestyle I’ve always known and led.

I’m not going to lie, I’m completely bricking it!

I tell people on a daily basis to get out of their comfort zone and to make changes so they can begin to practice making them into habits.

Eating rubbish daily is way out of my comfort zone, when I know full well what affects it will have on my mood, energy, sleep, motivation, liver, digestion, brain and health etc etc..

My girlfriend said I should experience what people go through and put myself through an experiment of packing on the lb’s whilst documenting my experiences and the overall effects and feelings it has on me and my body.

I can’t decide…

Do I really need to??

What do you think I should do?

Jango ‘Out of my comfort zone’ Alptekin

PS We are waiting for you on our taster week next week, Monday the 8th. It’s our intro week to show you what we do and why it works so well. Their will be no beasting so get involved and see what we are about.


  1. Don’t do it!

    As a local GP- i don’t have to actually be ill in order to empathise with my patients and help them get better or to give good advice on their health problems!

    Equally you don’t need to get fat in order to continue in your quest to help others in their weight and fitness goals!

    I feel that piling on the pounds and cutting your exercise is likely to be detrimental to your health both in the short and long term….and it’s already been done. I suggest watching the dvd “supersize me” and leave it there. If your girlfriend wants to discuss the implications of her suggested experiment further, then she is more then welcome to contact me.

    • Thanks your input :)! Will check out supersize me

    • Marie Rigler says:

      I think you have worked exceptionally hard to get where you are today. I do understand the thinking behind this but I also know what it is like to pile on the pounds, work my ass off to get those pounds off and pile on the pounds again to try and get them off again. I agree with the above, there is no way I’d be putting on weight as an experiment after working as hard as you have Jango and achieving the excellent results you have with you and your team of recruits.

  2. No, I don’t think you should do it. For all the reasons above, PLUS it wouldn’t give you a realistic experience. Firstly, with your toned (male) muscles, your metabolism is going to be higher than your average client – so this would not be a ‘like for like’ experience as you’d likely ‘lose the weight’ more efficiently than others (me, for example).
    Secondly, how much weight would you consider gaining? Since October last year I’ve gained 18lbs – and from personal experience. NOT RECOMMENDED!
    I think the biggest battle with weight is psychological and emotional ie. ‘mindset’…
    Yours wouldn’t change just because you gain some pounds. I don’t think it will make you a better personal trainer – and of course, you’re brilliant. (However, I do understand why Danni would suggest it).

    • Susan has a point about your muscles burning the excess off a lot quicker, and that you don’t have phases where you just feel like eating complete crap like us normal mere mortals.
      Also, Susan’s quite correct when she says that you wouldn’t “think” or have a different “experience” through gaining a few pounds…….therefore, if you actually went ahead with it you’d need to think in stone not pounds for the true fatty experience!!

      • Jan Smylie says:

        No definitely don’t do it! We all admire you for your continuity, your ability to stay fit and trim. You already speak good sense, there’s nothing you need to prove to anyone. Forest Gump couldn’t stop ‘running’ after he tried it, what if you can’t stop getting ‘fat’ after you try it!!!……You’ll be Forest Plump!

    • Point taken thanks Sue 😉

  3. Don’t do it Jango, no matter how good you are at losing it afterwards its a slippery slope!! Can’t you borrow one of those fat suits like they had on Embarrassing Fat Bodies & wear it for a week? You should definitely try your bootcamp in something like that – I can guarantee you’d have all the empathy you could possibly want!!!


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