Ripped Abs

What most men and women want. Ab workouts on there own wont make a dramatic change to how your waist looks, unlike pull ups and dips which produce noticeable changes to your body in just a few weeks. Crunches and other abdominal exercises will show little results. Doesn’t mean to say they are not getting […]

Fats you need, Fats you don’t

Fat is essential and required for energy nutrition and good health. I’m not talking about doughnuts and sweets. Some you need to avoid and others will make you healthier. FATS YOU NEED Fat is a great source of energy ready to be utilised by your body. Fat (in moderation) from a fitness point of view […]

How to Shed Pounds

Each human being is born with a genetically determined capacity to burn fat cells whose purpose is to be a storing place for energy. The big problem is most of us deposit lots more than we withdraw! Well-fed fat cells multiply very fast, UNLESS you attack your fat cells from two directions… Cut of their […]

Your Poole and Bournemouth Personal Trainer says: Who else would like to get in great shape FAST?!

Read some great advantages of an independent highly qualified Poole and Bournemouth personal trainer and why you’re better off forgetting the big corporate gym trainers There’s a wide variety of advantages when you hire an independent Poole and Bournemouth personal trainer. We have listed a few of the important advantages that a Poole and Bournemouth […]