I was squashing my pants

I was squashing my pants

I played my first ever squash game a couple of days back

I found it VERY daunting

As I’ve never played squash before because I always thought it was a posh mans game

I’d always seen business men on films play it, all geared up with their clean blinding white sports gear on

So I never really thought I’d like to give it a go

And plus I didn’t know anybody that played it

Till my client and friend Oli asked me if I’d like to try

I’ve played tennis which I didn’t like at all

Probably because the ball always went outside the court

I’ve also played some badminton which I really enjoyed and was quite good at it…

Not bigging myself up at all. 😛

So I thought it would be a similar thing

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Oli had 15 years experience playing squash and I had none

I’ll be honest, I actually wanted to cancel and not do it at all because I didn’t really want to make myself look like a dick trying

You know the weird feeling you get when you try new things?

Well I had it big time…


I was very nervous

I actually wanted to cancel and not do it at all

I had no idea what I was doing!

I didn’t know any of the rules!

I had a racket and a ball about the same size as a ping pong

All I’ve got to do is hit the thing right??

********* 45 minutes later**********

Oli had me running around the bloody squash court like a headless chicken


I could have probably filled up my water bottle with all the sweat pouring off my nose!!

Disgusting I know…

He told me the rules before the game but like anybody trying for the first time…

They took a while to sink in, understand and apply

On top of it I felt really awkward because Oli had so much experience and everytime I cocked up, I felt I was slowing him down and messing up the game for him

He won 4 games and he BARELY broke a sweat.

He had a tiny wet patch on his back

********* 45 minutes later**********

What I really liked about the whole experience of playing squash, was that Oli treated me with the same respect as we treat new members at ProjectU

He allowed me to take my time

He was patient

He didn’t get pissed off at my utter crap play

He didn’t laugh at me when I missed the ball and almost face planted into the wall

He reminded me of the rules

He showed what I needed to do to play a better game

He helped me with my racket skills

All in all I had a WICKED time

Had a great little workout

And learnt to play a sport which I hope one day I will get good enough to beat him at.

We’ve booked to play again next week!

The moral of the story is…

Don’t create the fear of failure in your mind, try it first and then make your mind up 😉

Jango ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ Alptekin

PS You can do our next taster week at ProjectU on the 5th of August




  1. Hey buddy :cD

    Posh man’s sport…….moi! I suppose it used to be at one time, so I can see how it could give you that impression, as businessmen work a lot and hence are limited with their spare time, and as the sessions are only 45 mins….it’s a quick yet effective energetic work out – but these days anyone and everyone plays it…..and yes, it’s a great little workout as it’s so fast and you’re running around changing direction so much….it’s small bursts of quick energy and hence a different type of workout. It can take a bit of getting used to, because the angles and the way the ball bounces around can be a bit deceiving….but all that will come in time. Just keep at it and it’ll fall into place!

    Don’t worry about slowing down the game…..I never thought that once.

    One last thing……..you’ll never beat me dude!!! haha

    PS – badminton……PAH!!

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